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Stop Reductions to the Commissary Budget
FRA wants to ensure adequate funding for the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) in order to preserve the value of the current benefit for active duty members and retirees.

The Association opposes the Department of Defense (DoD) FY 2016 budget provision that slashes funding for stateside commissaries by $1 billion over three years as a cost saving measure. DoD currently provides $1.3 billion annually for the commissary benefit.

Commissary funding was already cut by $100 million last year. Further cuts to funding would be reflected in higher prices paid by active duty personnel who simultaneously see annual pay increases capped. Thousands of junior enlisted personnel with families, who already have to use food stamps, would be forced to pay higher prices as well. Currently, profits generated from stateside commissaries are used to offset the operating costs at overseas locations where they are needed most.

Members are urged to use the Action Center ( on the FRA website to ask their legislators to oppose further cuts to the Commissary budget.