FRA Branch 310 Hall Rental Information

To rent the FRA Hall, please contact Kevin Buyer via email:

or call / text 360-271-2398 and leave a message.

Check the FRA Branch 310 Calendar for Availability.

Rental rates effective 12/15/2021

4 hours or less: $25.00 per hour

8 hours or more (all day): $150.00

Special rates available for Nonprofit and youth groups.

Renters are expected to return the hall to the condition in which it was found.

If that doesn’t occur, do not expect to rent the hall again.

The passing of Shipmate Walter Hardin

PRPNW Walt Hardin Silverdale Branch #310 1993-94

Past PRPNW Walt Hardin
Silverdale Branch #310


It is with heavy heart that I must announce the passing of Shipmate Walter Hardin. He was a lifetime member and in good standing with Branch 310. He is a plank owner in Branch 310. We will be honoring Shipmate Walt at our next meeting in February.

The Voice of Sea Service Personnel for more than 90 years


No organization lobbies more effectively on behalf of active duty, Reserve and veteran Sea Services personnel than FRA. The Association understands the needs of enlisted personnel and has served as their voice on Capitol Hill for more than 80 years.

FRA was the first organization to exclusively represent the interests of enlisted personnel before Congress and remains committed to bringing their perspective to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

As a leading organization in The Military Coalition, FRA works closely with 35 other military and veterans’ organizations on important personnel issues. In addition to direct representation in Congress, the Association sponsors legislative seminars across the country to better inform Sea Services personnel, Reservists, retirees and veterans about governmental actions that affect them and what they can do to protect their interests.

FRA is also your homeport for solving career problems and is your direct link to the Departments of Defense (DoD), Homeland Security (DHS) and Veterans’ Affairs (VA) and other government agencies having oversight of your benefit programs and your current and future security.

  • The Association stands ready to serve you and your family to include caring support and assistance in times of trouble or distress.

Those interested in supporting the Association or receiving additional information should contact FRA’s National Headquarters by calling 1-800-FRA-1924, visiting us at or sending an e-mail to

  • Our meetings are held every first Thursday of every month at 1830 for those who would like join us and add your voice to our mission of supporting the sea services.




Now this looks like something special.

Thank you to Doug, Stephen, Clint, Alyce and Sam for all the help in getting the exterior paint job done. A big Thank You to Jeremy Hash, Home Depot Silverdale, the 2nd class Association of Bangor, Kevin Billingslee and Behr Company, and all the volunteers from The Home Depot Region for supporting the FRA Branch 310 of Silverdale.

 Now here are the pictures of what our hall looks like now!


Branch Newsside front
Silverdale FRA Branch 310

  Thank You Silverdale Home Depot for all the help you have provided.




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